Sunday, January 8, 2012

Air Swimmers and Pocket Discs, Great Flying Toys

Many people who are interested in flying kites are also interested in flying toys. If you are ready fo a lot of fun with great flying toys, the original Air Swimmers and Pocket Discs are for you. With very little expense, the Air Swimmers and Pocket Discs can offer a day full of laughs and complete entertainment.

The William Mark Corporation's Air Swimmers are remote controlled flying fish that can actually swim in the air. By pushing the remote control buttons, the fish can move up down, forward and backward, and completely turn around. Their fins and tails actually move, which makes them even more lifelike. These flying fish are amazing to watch and create a "center of attention" moment whenever they are moving in the room. All one has to do is fill the fish with helium and watch them go! They are great for any office in creating a lot of fun and laughter as they move in and out of cubicles or actual rooms. They are also a hit at parties and children love to take the controls and make them swim in the air like a real pro. With a little practice, the fish can be controlled to maneuver in very small spaces but are great to see floating in large rooms, too. Whether you choose the clown fish, the shark, or the bass fish, these Air Swimmers are truly the best for indoor entertainment!

If you are interested in some fun flying toys for indoor or outdoor adventures, the original pocket discs are for you. These non-destructive flying discs are the complete and safe indoor or outdoor flying toy. They fly as well, or better than the plastic discs, but they are very soft to the touch since they are made of 100% cotton. Both adults and kids are known for making up their own games with these flying pocket discs. They are great to use in the park, at the beach, any playground, or even in your own home or back yard. This new flying disc is also a great flying toy to play a game of "fetch" with your dog. The dogs love the soft feel and can play for hours without hurting their mouths or teeth. Not only are the pocket discs a lot of fun for kids and adults of all ages, they are even great as pot holders or hot pads. Who would have thought that a flying toy could also be used in the kitchen, too? With a variety of colors and patterns, there is a Pocket Disc to fit everyone's style.

For all of us kite fliers, these flying toys add another dimension to our objects of flight. With the Air Swimmers, Pocket Discs, stunt kites, glider kites and other party kites, there is never a day without flying fun!