Monday, February 27, 2012

Fishing - Varying Methods for Catching Fish

When someone says they are going fishing, you probably envision the pole, the bait, and the hook. You may even picture them wearing a hat, vest, and the boots and pants combo that is often worn with a pair of suspenders. While this is a more recent way to catch fish, there are actual several different techniques that all possess similar results.

Hand Gathering

Picking up different types of seafood along on the edges of the beach is considered to be hand gathering. However, in ancient times, people used methods like trout tickling as their preferred method of fishing. By rubbing the fingers along a certain portion of the fish, it would immediately fall into an immoveable state. At that time, the fisherman would pick them up out of the water and toss them into the closest basket.


There are several different kinds of nets used for fishing. Some are still in use today and can be an efficient way to catch several fish at the same time. While some nets are small and used by hand, others are larger in size and placed behind a boat to drag in anything that falls inside the net as it moves. Individuals and groups can find success with nothing but a net to cast out into the water.


Spearing, another ancient method of fishing still in use today, involves a stick with a sharp point on the edge. The spear is thrown into the water at a passing fish. The spear goes through the body of the fish, making it easy to bring it up out of the water and into the closest container.


Angling is what comes to mind when someone mentions fishing. They are taking some type of a rod with a line and hook attached. They place the line and hook into the water and wait for a fish to come by and attempt a bite. When this happens, the fisherman pulls on the rod and the fish catches on the hook. It is removed from the water and placed into a container.


Fish traps are made so that a fish can easily get inside but does not have any type of access to get out. In different parts of the world people create their own version of the trap. Some are permanent while others are only temporary. The size and scope of a trap varies based on the geographic location as well as the type of fish a person is trying to capture. Even the materials used vary from place to place.